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Best quality is our standard…
The quality of our products plays a key role on the quality of potable water and wastewater industry. Our quality assurance processes cover the entire value added chain and all production processes. In addition to our highly qualified staff and their quality-oriented thinking, we meet technical standards all over the world. Modern production facilities and measuring equipment as well as strict quality controls from the raw to the finished product ensure the outstanding quality of our products.


Entering the future with a strategy…
Our customers rely on our power to innovate. Well-conducted market research guarantees that all products are in tune with market demands. At the same time, our innovation management system ensures that they have constantly being improved and re-engineered. We devote close attention to the issues of future in cross-industry projects.


Never far from people…
Working with Özkan means partnership in a constant personal dialogue. We focus on the complex needs of our customers and pay meticulous attention to detail. This results in continuous optimisation of efficiency in production and logistics and allows us to provide a comprehensive service. And wherever our customers are in the world, we are there when they need us.


You can trust us.
Reliability is the basis of quality, innovation and customer’s focus. Each member of staff helps to provide through a strong sense of personal commitment and responsibility. On the technical side, efficient and stable processes ensure maximum reliability.
Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy
As a leader in the sector regarding technology and quality targets who defined its core values as "Responsible", "Excellent" and "Innovative" , Our main goal is to achieve the best performance with highest ethical values to protect nature and environment on the path of sustainable development ,to fulfill occupational health and safety conditions and to be an example in this regard and to ensure its continuity Quality ,environment, occupational health and safety processes and management system will be continuously developed and reviewed with this target.
As a respectful organization to the society ,during our activities we aim to prevent environmental polution by obeying environmental and occupational health and safety laws with eligibility requirements, by aiming to follow differences and updates for taking precautions to prevent health deterioration of our employees and industrial accidents , by using active waste quantities and our sustainable resources and minimizing our negative environmental impacts and by protecting our employees and ecosystem.
We will provide continuous customer satisfaction by offering products, solutions and services that will provide the greatest benefit to our customers amoung our stakeholders. In parallel with this, in order to achieve the highest performance in all our processes considering the satisfaction of the employees to achieve the highest performance in all our processes we will ensure continuous improvement by empowering our employees and by authorizing themIn addition, we will not discriminate among our employees about religion, language, race, gender, color, nationality or social status. Our collaboration with the suppliers that we see as long-term business partner will be carried out based on profit and mutual trust leading on their needs and expectations

With belief of ‘’Products with high - quality are produced in a qualified environment’’ and doing so with occupational health and safety and environmental awareness, every employees of our organization is responsible for our workplace is ‘’safety’’, ‘’ clean’’ and ‘’regular’’. We have a strong faith that all ÖZ-KAN family will support our efforts with this direction and continue.
Ensuring the quality consciousness in all processes in a systematic way by innovative and creative approaches and adopting ‘Total Quality Management’ as a management philosophy and covering its needs, is our common mission as employees of Özkan Makina.

ÖZKAN was founded in 1983. Initial products were steam and process valves. Main production line was changed to butterfly valves in later years. Today, ÖZKAN carries on its production with particularly butterfly valves, needle valves, check valves, dismantling joints and air release valves. ÖZKAN, who has assumed the quality as a main principle since its foundation, carries out its activities as a member of Hawle Austria Group since 2011.

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