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Reliable supply thanks to long-term partnerships

Quality leadership is only possible with strong partnerships. This is why Hawle turns to long-term partners at a local and global level at every stage of its value chain. In the course of the qualification process, this family-run company carefully selects all its suppliers and strategic partners, who are audited regularly in order to ensure that the high quality standards are met. We also set high standards for ourselves in the areas of quality, innovation, delivery reliability and competitiveness. By seeking a common platform for dialog, we ensure that the principles of fair, high-quality production of certified products are upheld.

Since the very beginning, Hawle has viewed itself as an important part of a social community – and the company takes its ethical and social responsibilities seriously. In our collaborations with our partners, we observe the relevant compliance guidelines. As a family-run company, we feel a sense of social responsibility and refuse to accept poor working conditions in the production of our products.

Environmental protection is another vital aspect of our corporate philosophy. We always act according to our certification to environmental management standard ISO 14001 and work to improve our company’s contribution to protecting the environment. Hawle suppliers manufacture products sustainably and without wasting resources. Systematic risk management along our supply chains means that we will also be equipped to react quickly and flexibly to customer demands in the future.

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Hawle makes no compromises when it comes to quality. Only products of the very highest quality can be used when working with potable water, a vital resource. In order to meet these requirements and the demands of its customers, Hawle seeks to forge long-term partnerships with its suppliers.

Are you interested in a long-term business relationship? Do you sell high-quality products at fair market prices? If so, then register on the free Hawle supplier platform. This platform provides a transparent overview of all processes: Newtron supplier portal

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